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woman on phone in busy train carriage with everyone on their phones

Social Media: It feels like connection. However something also feels really off

We all need connection. We want to be included, to be liked, to feel part of a community, connected with others, validated in our actions, life choices and who we are. But in this day and age of social media and the internet, are we really achieving that connection in the way we hoped for? I’ve been wondering this a lot lately. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, …

Smiling woman wearing hat in corn field

I Forgive You, But I Do Not Want You Back

You might be contacting because you seek forgiveness. You might be contacting because you want to test the waters as to whether I would consider forgiving you enough, to take you back. However I am empowered by the act of no action. The ability to let you pass on by without any need to see what you want this time. There is no need for regret. As I feel only …

women in kitchen cooking for one

Is Cooking For One Worth it? Absolutely.

Is cooking for one worth it? Absolutely. Although I definitely didn’t feel this way a couple of years back. As someone who lives alone, I was one of those people who hated cooking and to be honest, didn’t think it was worth all the effort of laying out the cutlery, spending half an hour whipping up an exciting meal, and then tackling all the washing up, just for little old …

women in darkness hiding her body

Body Acceptance. Not as easy as it sounds.

I know body acceptance is a thing. That I should love my body for all that it is, and not over-ride how I look now with how I hope to look one day. But that shit is hard. A few years ago, I became very aware that this vessel has to get me through another forty plus years. I hadn’t treated it that well up to that point. So I started …

a woman in coffee shop writing in her journal

Journaling For Better Mental Health

Is journaling good for wellbeing? I had not anticipated how valuable journaling would become to me. How this place for me to write my deepest thoughts and feelings, to explore my emotions and figure out a bit better, who I am. Would improve my mental health, increase my self-awareness, help me to move on from past trauma and make sense of experiences. Journaling became my form of self-therapy. A meaningful way to process. And I’ll be forever grateful that I chose to start doing it once again.

woman holding hands to her heart, with a heart shaped ring on finger

Promoting Self-Priority in a Relationship, is Fundamental to Wellbeing

Are you putting your partner and your relationship, ahead of you?. I used to be that person who put my partner on a pedestal. Prioritized my relationship above all other things. Their interests, hobbies, their wants and needs consistently came before my own. Basically, I regularly backbenched myself. Why? Because that’s the way I thought I was supposed to do it.  How did it make me feel though, truthfully? Completely …

woman remote working

The Challenges of Living Alone and Remote Working

Pre pandemic, if someone had suggested a 100% stay at home role I would have firmly declined. I used to work four days a week traveling across the country meeting customers within a highly sociable role. I loved being out and about. And as a singleton living alone, socializing and making contact with new people was a great thing.  However, when Covid struck the world, like many peoples, my role became …

Thoughtful woman in sunlight

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Every aspect of life is impacted by mental health. Which makes it a bit silly when I think back on how uncomfortable I’ve felt admitting that mentally, I’ve experienced peaks and troughs. When pretty much every element of life impacts our emotions, feelings and state of mind. So here’s my admission. Throughout moments, phases, weeks and entire years of my life, I have not been okay It’s taken a really …

stressed out woman lying on sofa with arm across face

Saying No to Social Engagements is Totally Okay

I don’t know about you, but for the last few years I’ve found too much going on in my social calendar to feel really heavy. Stressful, even. I didn’t practise healthy social organisation skills, said Yes to pretty much anything and started to feel quite overwhelmed. Sure, there are worse problems to have. Having too many possible social engagements is in a lot of ways, a lovely problem. But the …

friends laughing together in front of mountain

Is being open to new friendships as we get older important to wellbeing?

It sucks to even say that we might need to make more friends as an adult, doesn’t it? Somehow it emits a ‘desperate’ kind of vibe if we acknowledge that our friendship community might need a little growth plan. And surely we should have accumulated more friends as we’ve aged? That pool of buddies shouldn’t be dwindling. Then there’s the whole figuring out how to do it, and the social …