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woman stood by lake arms outstretched celebrating single

The Things You Are Doing Whilst Single, Do Not Deserve Any Less Celebration

However, no-one is going to applaud you for being single, nor celebrate your wins in a way they do for others. Yep, you heard me right. All in all, it’s fair to say that society can be extremely fixated on conventional accomplishments, specific expectations and mainstream milestones. Ones often intertwined with some aspect of partnership. Milestones like weddings, moving in with a partner, getting engaged, starting a family, or beginning …

Happy single woman stood in front of a graffiti wall

How Do You Truly Embrace Single?

I used to see single as a situation to survive. It’s taken me years to get to a point of being able to say, ‘I love being single,’ and really mean it.

It’s not been easy to trek for sure. However, it has been a lifechanging one. Which all started the moment I began to look at single as something other than a status I needed to do everything in my power, to change. I embraced being single, and in doing so worked my towards thrive rather than survive.

women in field smiling at herself in the mirror

Intentionally Dating Myself – Learning to Self-Date

Being honest, I started considering the idea of dating myself after a long string of dating failures and bad relationships. I’d become accustomed to these repeated cycles and it sucked, big time. Generally, I’m much better at seeking out highs from other people, than I am at making myself happy, but that was something I needed to change. Because like any relationship, I began to realize that the one I …

solo woman traveller confidently with suitcase in front of beetle car

This was truly solo travel. Scary AF, but I was hoping, totally worth it  

For the last 10 months I’ve been trying to show myself a little more love by working on some serious (-ly lacking) boundaries, prioritizing self-care and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Part of that journey has been getting really comfortable spending some alone with myself. So far I’ve tackled solo cinema outings, unaccompanied gigs, coffee and dinners by myself, solitary UK weekends away, and a whole load of …

single woman in field making heart with her hands signifying self love

23 Empowering Quotes about Being Single, Because Independence is Awesome

Dating myself has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done. It’s been quality single time discovering how to be comfortable and happy in my own presence. And doing it, really did help me discover the love that was missing for myself. These quotes about being single embody the way I’m feeling right now. Prepare to be empowered … 1) To love oneself is the beginning of a …

Woman in darkness holding a lit up heart signifying dating herself

Happily Single: Choosing to date myself

I’ve been single for a while now and I have to say, it’s working out. And that’s such a big thing for me to say confidently. Because for a really long time, I’ve tried to avoid singledom at all costs. I have dated many, many people over the past six years. But the only way I’ve come to be truly happily single, is to take a step back from dating …

girl on chair feeling single and lonely

Single and feeling lonely? You are not alone

Here’s a big truth about single life. On some days, I feel lonely. I’ve often written about how wonderful single life is and for the most part it really is, for so many reasons. But feeling lonely sometimes utterly sucks. I hate to admit sometimes feeling this way, because people assume single equals constant loneliness, which just to be clear, it doesn’t. However this assumption does make it so much …

Single Woman in sunflower field

20 Reasons Why Being Single in Your 30s is Awesome!

When I entered my early 30s newly divorced and freshly single, being on my own seemed to carry this automatic notion that I was failing at life. I must be miserable, incomplete and deeply unhappy with the single situation. There was this instant sense of pity the moment I told anyone that I was single in my 30s. Because there is this societal assumption out there that a single person …