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A woman leaning on a man in front of the beach, signifying a situationship

When The Person in Your Situationship Wakes Up Ready For a Label … But Not With You

I’ve been in my fair share of situationships over the past seven years. Apparently, they are on trend. Lucky me, hey! Not really, because the most painful thing about those situations, has been them waking up ready for a label, but not with me.  Was I merely the warm up before the main event? The one who got them there, got them ready for commitment, ready for something more, but …

group of single and coupled friends having a conversation outdoors around a large table

You are so much more than who you are dating, so change the conversation

It wasn’t until I went single no mingle, that I realized how much dating had become an important part of my conversations with people. And by making who I was dating a highly discussed topic, I had inadvertently sent the message to myself that nothing else was more conversation worthy than this.

And if nothing else was as interesting, then nothing I had to say that wasn’t about when or who the next date was lined up with, mattered much.

couple cuddling with woman staring at camera

I’m prepping for the end of my relationship before it’s even really begun

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you’ll know this. Historically, me and relationships are total train wrecks. I’ve spent nearly seven years in the land of single and dating, mostly never quite getting to full on relationship status, Occasionally they got a title, yet with no actual commitment. So trust in relationships, has been difficult for me. But here’s the thing, I’ve met someone. We’re eight months …

woman texting online dating

Online dating: Do We Need to Change The Game? 

I mean categorically, yes. That wasn’t a trick question. For anyone who’s spent any length of time in the world of online dating, I know you’ll agree, it’s utter shit. I thought upgrading to digital was supposed to make life easier? But when it comes to online dating, it’s added a whole load of extra. And that extra is exhausting as fuck, self-depleting, terrible for any kind of self-worth, and …

Distant couple barely holding hands in a situationship

Death to Situationships, because I’m fully over the situation

Situationships. It’s that whole ‘we’ve been sleeping together for a while, may have romantic feelings towards one another, but definitely aren’t, ‘together’.’ It’s the relationship that isn’t a relationship at all. They’ve become a dating trend for me over the past seven years and I’ve found it a destructive situation. But apparently these situations are also a post covid dating trend. Dating app Hinge, found that a third of all …

women in bathtub relaxing by herself

I’m really over dating. Not just slightly deterred, a little pessimistic but still a tiny bit hopeful. Totally, resolutely out

A slightly belated blog I’ve been sat on for a while, but hear me out … For the first time in my life, I’m really over dating. Not just slightly deterred, a little pessimistic but still a tiny bit hopeful. Totally, resolutely out. Earlier this year an Ex from two and a half years ago knocked on my door. Yep, no pre-warning text message. Actually turned up on the doorstep …

chameleon on a bed

Confessions Of A Chameleon Dater: I’ll be anything you want me to be

After six years of dating and still living in the land of singledom, I’ve had cause to question everything about who and also how I date. And I’ve realised something quite alarming; I’ve been a bit of a chameleon dater. “What the hell is a chameleon dater?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s where every person I dated got a slightly different version of me. I morphed into more of …

Woman in darkness holding a lit up heart signifying dating herself

Happily Single: Choosing to date myself

I’ve been single for a while now and I have to say, it’s working out. And that’s such a big thing for me to say confidently. Because for a really long time, I’ve tried to avoid singledom at all costs. I have dated many, many people over the past six years. But the only way I’ve come to be truly happily single, is to take a step back from dating …

Dating Life: Please Start Respecting My Sexual Boundaries

Throughout the last six years of dating since my divorce, there has steadily been a worrying decrease in respecting of sexual boundaries in the bedroom. That line of respect and trust is becoming thinner as the years have passed. Maybe it’s just me? I’m possibly attracting the wrong kind of men. Or rural Lincolnshire is a haven for men with a lack of respect for sexual boundaries? Because I know …