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Smiling woman wearing hat in corn field

I Forgive You, But I Do Not Want You Back

You might be contacting because you seek forgiveness. You might be contacting because you want to test the waters as to whether I would consider forgiving you enough, to take you back. However I am empowered by the act of no action. The ability to let you pass on by without any need to see what you want this time. There is no need for regret. As I feel only …

Woman in snow holding goodbye tags

If I had to heal from you, I’m absolutely not letting you back into my space

I’ve spent the past year really concentrating on self-care. And not just the bubble baths and countryside walks kind – although definitely important in my opinion. The setting boundaries, making decisions that are healthy and not harmful, practicing a little self-love kind of meaningful mindfulness. As some describe it, I’ve been reclaiming (or establishing) a strong self-concept. But the return of the Ex always feel like the ultimate test to …