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women in kitchen cooking for one

Is Cooking For One Worth it? Absolutely.

Is cooking for one worth it? Absolutely. Although I definitely didn’t feel this way a couple of years back. As someone who lives alone, I was one of those people who hated cooking and to be honest, didn’t think it was worth all the effort of laying out the cutlery, spending half an hour whipping up an exciting meal, and then tackling all the washing up, just for little old …

woman remote working

The Challenges of Living Alone and Remote Working

Pre pandemic, if someone had suggested a 100% stay at home role I would have firmly declined. I used to work four days a week traveling across the country meeting customers within a highly sociable role. I loved being out and about. And as a singleton living alone, socializing and making contact with new people was a great thing.  However, when Covid struck the world, like many peoples, my role became …