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I Forgive You, But I Do Not Want You Back

You might be contacting because you seek forgiveness. You might be contacting because you want to test the waters as to whether I would consider forgiving you enough, to take you back. However I am empowered by the act of no action. The ability to let you pass on by without any need to see what you want this time. There is no need for regret. As I feel only …

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Moving On: 8 Steps To Recovery After A Breakup

Recently I went through a breakup and it totally sucked. So now at 36, I’ve become what I can only describe as a begrudged expert in moving on from the latest relationship catastrophe. So how do you recover after someone breaks up with you? Moving on, healing, keeping your dignity and recovery after a breakup are all about processing the trauma and making sure you are the priority right now. …