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women in darkness hiding her body

Body Acceptance. Not as easy as it sounds.

I know body acceptance is a thing. That I should love my body for all that it is, and not over-ride how I look now with how I hope to look one day. But that shit is hard. A few years ago, I became very aware that this vessel has to get me through another forty plus years. I hadn’t treated it that well up to that point. So I started …

Happy confident woman in barley field

Learning to Like Imperfectly Perfect Me

I used to see myself as all my shortcomings and held my many flaws against myself. I saw imperfection when I turned within. The inadequacies were all I focused on. We’re taught that we have to be perfect from a young age. Our minds, bodies, lifestyle, everything about us should be top notch. Like we’ve got to have an incredible body, be married to some insanely awesome person, raise two …