Here’s to women supporting women. The ones building others up and genuinely delighting in others joys. Here’s to the ones being a safe space for their friends, and helping carry their burdens. The ones who give compliments generously and fiercely. The ones who have your back, no matter what. The women who encourage, lift you up, and pick you back up when you fall.

Here’s to the women fighting for women

The ones who raise their voices and aren’t afraid of being heard. The women who inspire. The ones who empower and relentlessly fight for equality and inclusion. The women who pave the way and push for a better future. The ones who have the courage, strength and resilience to change the world. The women who imagine a world free of gender bias, stereotypes and discrimination and are doing their best to make that a reality.

Here’s to the women inspiring women

The ones who know where they are going and won’t stop until they get there. The women who juggle different hats and seem to do it all so  effortlessly. To the ones holding it down when the world seems against them. The ones who try their hardest to be better than they were yesterday. Here’s to the trailblazers and the risk takers. The women who inspire with strength, and the ones who inspire with their vulnerability.

Here’s to women understanding women

The ones who support with a smile and take the time to listen and learn a different perspective. The women who support their friends choice to enter motherhood, and the women who support their friends choice to be childfree.  The ones who understand that each of us wants a different kind of joy in their life. Here’s to the women that chase ambitions and go after their dreams, whatever they may be. And here’s to the ones who understand that each one of us has a different life to lead.

Here’s to women just being themselves

Despite all the shame, judgment, stereotypes, discrimination and expectations they are subjected too. Here’s to the ones who confidently show up as themselves in the face of it all. Here’s to the women who say, ‘This is me, deal with it,’ and set the foundations for the rest of us.

I see you. I thank you. You make me want to be a better woman. Here’s to all the amazing women we know. May we be them, may we know them.

#HappyInternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquality #IWD2023

By Amy Roullier
By Amy Roullier

Amy is the Founder and Editor of The Authentic Optimist. She talks all things life. From the highs to the lows, to all those messy bits in-between. She is a writer, rambler, lover of carbs (her true soulmate) and she is especially passionate about dispelling myths about women in their 30s. Amy lives in Lincolnshire with her two greyhounds.